Is being a pediatrician hard?

Is being a pediatrician hard? Tiny Physician

To be frank, yes. Every parent is really concerned about their kids and they really expect us to cure the disease at the earliest. It is a very sensitive branch. If the child’s symptoms are not improving, the bystanders can create a ruckus at the hospital.
Adult patient will themselves tell us that they are not feeling well or they are experiencing some new symptoms. So, more often than not, we will get an idea that the disease is progressing and the condition of the patient is worsening. But, children won’t give us a clue. We have to identify from their activity and appearance that they are not feeling well. Another challenge is that, even the older children won’t be able to describe their symptoms well. So, making a diagnosis is a bit challenging in pediatrics.
I have found it very difficult to make the children calm when they are crying so that I can auscultate and hear their heart and lung sounds. Dealing with irritable kids is an art which takes time to master. It is a branch which will test your patience as well. Also, some trivial infections can also cause sepsis in children and will present later in septic shock because of which we have to cautious all the time if we are sending the child back to home on oral antibiotics.
But still, it is a very satisfying branch. We may think that children will hate us because we do blood sampling and insert canula and catheters which are painful to them. Trust me, kids will also understand that we are trying to help them and when they come back for follow up after getting discharged, they will smile at us and even sit on our laps. There was a kid during my PICU posting, who had H1N1 with hepatorenal syndrome. I used withdraw blood samples everyday from her and she used to yell at me. But when she came back 1 month later, she came to me calling my name.
If you are saving a child from an acute condition without any deficits, you are actually saving the whole family. Its because, if the child develop some sequelae, it will not only affect the child, but also the whole family as they have to look after the child for his entire life span. One parent may have to sacrifice his/her job, their financial stability might get affected and they will be emotionally drained.

So, in short, it's a challenging as well as satisfying branch. 

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