A doctor's musings during COVID-19 pandemic


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Firstly, Humanitas would like to thank Dr. Sarath, author of Tiny Physician Blog, for having us as a guest blogger this week! One of Humanitascore values is to spread and raise awareness of COVID-19 and why wearing PPE is a necessity to protect yourself and your loved ones. COVID-19 has brought a raging storm amongst us all, but in the midst of the madness it’s important to remember that three simple rules can help to save your life:

             Wear a mask 

             Wash your hands and sanitise

             Social distance 


Were sure youve heard the conspiracy theories, or, individuals set on the fact that theyll never get COVID. But, its important to remember that they are just conspiracies. The virus is very real, claiming very real lives. To portray the realism of the situation, we thought it best to bring you a first-hand account from Dr Sarath who amongst many others has worked tirelessly to help defeat our invisible enemy. Dr Saraths interview can only be described as an insightful yet saddening glimpse into the harsh realitys healthcare staff are facing on the front-line day in and day out. 

For those unfamiliar with the behind the scenes work that that Tiny Physician author does, we delve into the doctors career, views on Covid-19, lifestyle changes, future possibilities and trustworthy advice. 


Humanitas: You've had much experience on the front lines, working in Covid-19 ICU wards - could you tell us more about this?

Dr. Sarath: From mid-march onwards, we were taking shifts in COVID wards and ICUs. Initially, we used to give so much attention to each suspect and case but that is not the case now as we are overwhelmed with the numbers. 

(A few of my friends fainted while working in PPE due to dehydration and suffocation). The most difficult part for me was to have a proper vision inside the PPEs. Because of fogging, I barely could see anything through the PPEs initially but later I became acquainted with it.

I never used a mask during hospital hours before, hence I felt uncomfortable with the tight N95 masks at the beginning but now it is a part of my life. 

Managing COVID wards is relatively easy as most of the patients will be having an only minimal illness but managing COVID ICU is extremely difficult as you have to be in PPE all the time.”

Humanitas: Some people think that Covid-19 is a conspiracy theory, or simply that they will never get it. In turn, they may refuse to wear PPE, what are your thoughts on this?

Dr. Sarath: Many people thought at the beginning that this COVID was just a conspiracy but now there are no differences of opinion. Few sceptics even went to the extent of brainwashing people not to use masks and sanitisers.

It has been difficult to procure masks and other personal protective equipment during these 7 months and the government as well as private hospitals faced difficulties in procuring testing kits and other commodities for COVID. We had to reuse N95 masks. I am happy that firms like Humanitas are doing great work in this aspect of fighting against COVID by providing testing kits and PPEs at an affordable rate for big and small healthcare institutions. Healthcare costs are rising and it is not easy to stick to relatively lower pricing for a firm and fortunately, Humanitas are doing the same.” 

Humanitas: What changes have you noticed to your lifestyle due to COVID-19?

Dr. Sarath: I haven't visited my family for the past 10 months as my parents are in their seventh decades of life and I don't want to transmit the infection to them. Even before going to any other home I always ask whether there is any senior citizen at that home as I can be a carrier of infection. These days I stay more in my room itself (more so when I take COVID ICU shifts) and I minimise visits to shops and hotels to the bare minimum. Birthday parties and trips are now a distant dream.”


Humanitas: What's your future prediction regarding COVID-19?

Dr. Sarath: Towards the end of 2021. It will take that much time for developing a vaccine and manufacturing it on a commercial basis for the whole population.” 


Humanitas: Is there any advice you could offer to those who may be struggling to cope with the impacts of COVID?

Dr. Sarath: Try for alternate sources of income like blogging, YouTube channel etc. Do seek psychiatric support if you can't cope with the stress. This is just a bad phase and as the wise man said, the greatest hour of darkness is just before dawn.” 

Its great to put a story behind the doctors in PPE suits. We have grown accustomed to seeing doctors as fearless superheroes, but they are people underneath their capes with worries of their own. First-hand experiences such as these only echoes their war cry for people to wear PPE, wash their hands and social distance. Many of us will be able to relate to not seeing family for months on end, dreaming of going to birthday parties or simply being able to venture outside without worrying if youre a carrier of the virus and who you could infect. If we keep working together to follow the safety precautions we can limit, or better, stop the spread – so lets keep the momentum going!

We hope this blog post gave you an in-depth insight into the front lines. We love to hear your thoughts so please do send them in to us at marketing@hglmedical.com and tinyphysician@gmail.com. Thank you again to Tiny Physician Blog for the opportunity to interview yourself and grasp a better understanding of the situation at hand.

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